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Dangerous Games!!

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I enjoy playing games with friends, it really is a great way to relieve stress. Now i am a Playstation fan. I have nothing against the other consoles though, i think they are great in their own way. But when it comes to the control pads i have to stick to what my hands know best, the Playstation Dual-Shock controller;).


I must admit however that on playing the Nintendo Wii, I had an experience i could not get from playing any of the other consoles. It was baseball, tennis and boxing all combining to give a good gym session. Great stuff really!


Now the thing about playing on the Wii controller is that you somehow end up really excited, and Nintendo knew this would happen, hence every controller comes with a wristlet to stop the controller from flying out from your sweaty palms into your friend's fish tank. Some choose to go without the wristlet:cool: or simply forget. Is it really surprising that a number of people have broken several ornaments, windows and even a bone or two whilst playing games on the Wii.


You can get this best selling gaming console in bidorbuy Gaming. Just put away your picture frames when you start playing the Wii.


Have you broken anything whilst playing on the Wii?:D

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