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Freeware - Gimpshop - Open Source

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License Type: Free

Price: Free

Date Added: Jul 2007

Operating Systems: Windows XP

File Size: 8154KB

Downloads Count: 19851

Author: Scott Moschella of Plastic Bugs



Download: http://tinyurl.com/ysgl8k


Get high-end photo editing capabilities for free.


Open Source software has never been known for its photo processing prowess. Until now, that is.

Gimpshop is an exceedingly powerful Photoshop lookalike that has far more features than you, or most people you know, will ever use. If you're looking to do something as simple as touch up photos, or something far more sophisticated, like work in multiple layers, it has the tools you need.


There are also numerous effects and filters, the ability to easily create color gradients, and plenty more. In fact, if all you want to do is basic photo-retouching, it's probably overkill. But if you want to indulge your inner artist, there's plenty. The program is based on a long-time Open Source favorite, GIMP, but has more fit and polish, and a Photoshop-like identity.

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