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Disabled/Blacklisted Power Sellers

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All curiosity aside. Is there any way that BoB can let other sellers know the reason why Power sellers on the site are disabled / Blacklisted?


I sort of look up to some of these sellers and try to follow on their success by implementing similar listing strategy etc...


I see that DanKing is disabled, I regard him as a Power Seller and have implemented many of his techniques into my selling strategy..


Could BoB let us know if this is a Sales/Listing issue or something other than that.


Another Power Seller I came across was Perkal Gifts, they are Blacklisted.


I am too far to attend selling seminars and so I rely on the success of other sellers to lead my own success.


Perhaps BoB could make a DVD of the selling Seminars and sell them..I would DEF buy!!

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Unfortunately due to the sensitivity of some of these issues we cannot always disclose the reason, Danking is disabled due to an issue we are having with them. It should not affect transactions in any way.


Perkal Gifts was blacklisted for contravening bidorbuy terms and for non fulfillment issues, as indicated by the negative ratings.


Kind regards


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