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Value of old clocks.

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Guys just some advice when advertising old or antique clocks.


If you really want to sell them. please price them realistically and not what what some mickey mouse told you they may be worth.....the definitive pricing for 99.999 % of clocks can be found at


Antique Clocks Price Guide - Grandfather Wall and Mantel


They have up to date worldwide Auction prices as well as internationally recognised valuators, and chances are you will find your clock on there and that it isn't near what You may or may not have been told.


A case in point here is the seller Blisful who has a R 1000.00 clock on sale at R 6500.00 and I don't think he/she has had a single bid on it in the months and months that the clock has been listed....but still it remains listed.......hellooooooooooo


A lot of people have this misguided idea that a common Ansonia/Gingerbread/Kitchen clock is worth a fortune....Unless it belonged to Jan Suuts or someone equally important, the most you can hope for is about R 1000.00 and if in excellent condition maybe R1500.00.

There are exceptions to the rule of course.....such as the Ansonia being listed by Kimsantics...but thats for us serious collectors to know..trade secrets so to speak..


Please if you are in doubt I will happily find your clock and cut and paste the current valuations or sales figures from the above mentioned site, You can email me on Deleted with a pic or two of your clock. I may ask you to look at the rear of the clock for markings but within a day or two I will be able to give you the information and figures......and all this for free........just cos I love antique clocks.........I have many in my home.:P:D


Dont look like an idiot by overpricing your clocks and having to list them on here forever, when you can sell them at realistic prices rather quickly.

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Hello Smithfieldclockworkx,

Makes sense what you write, but there can be a big difference in the price of an antique clock ( or any clock )

a) working order, meaning it might need a complete overhaul or maybe just a cleaning and re-oil soon

b) completely overhauled and having run for a short time, say 6 to 9 month or not at all

As a master watchmaker in my full time business I have always overhauled clocks completely before selling and will continue to do so in semi-retirement and I specify 12 month guarantee.

Obviously I have to charge my time spent on the clock in addition, even that is not on a commercial basis any more.

Thomas, clocktime

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Hi Smithfieldclocks,


I agree totally with your sentiments and another point is that the sellers must do a little research on the clocks they are trying to sell. I am an Irishman and have never seen a four leafed Shamrock, so I wonder how it can be advertised as "Irish clock". The wall clock in question is, in my opinion not from the 1890s. The pendulum looks like a 1910-1930 style or perhaps all my literature and my advanced years in the clockmaking industry are incorrect.:confused:



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