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Found 3 results



    Hi Guys i have an issue on the sellers page, every time i try to choose a category in the categories field, the Dropdown will just disappear, does anyone know why that is? I have even tried on the app nothing seems to work.
  2. DaveDave2013

    New SNC Process

    Hi All, We have some exciting news for you - as of today we have implemented an entirely redesigned SNC process with the view of making SNCs smoother and simpler for both buyers and sellers. For the time being, all SNCs filed under the old system will continue as they had previously. However, any new SNCs filed from now on will be handled via the improved system. For sellers, both SNC processes are accessed in exactly the same way. Sellers will notice there have been changes made in terms of the options available to them when filing an SNC. In the old system, sellers were given 7 options to select as reasons for the SNC. This has now been reduced to 3, namely: Buyer did not make payment. Buyer decided to cancel. Other. This change is intended to remove potentially confusing SNC statuses and to enable us to process SNCs more efficiently. When a seller files an SNC under the new system, a notification will be sent to the buyer asking them to confirm the SNC status. As soon as the buyer has confirmed a non-payment or a cancellation, the SNC is finalised and credits passed. In the event that the buyer does not respond to the SNC within 7 days, it will be processed as previously. If the buyer’s version of events differs from the seller’s, the SNC will not be processed until the seller furnishes us with information to support their claim. This must be submitted within 60 days of the date of sale in order to be considered. Once the seller has submitted their SNC Review Application, a decision will be made by bidorbuy and the SNC finalised. It is important to note that this process is dependent on the seller submitting the required information, rather than the buyer. Why are we changing this? SNCs in their current form are a source of conflict between buyers and sellers which we hope to eliminate. We also want to shorten the time to process valid SNCs for sellers. What follows below is a brief overview of the process which will be followed for each of the SNC options given to sellers: Buyer Did Not Make Payment The SNC is filed by the seller and an email is sent to the buyer requesting that they let us know what transpired from their perspective. In the email the buyer will receive various links; they simply select the option which applies to them and then submit the status on bidorbuy. From the time the SNC is filed the buyer has a period of 7 days to complete this. Buyer Decided to Cancel In this instance, the buyer cancels an order due to buyer's remorse or for reasons unrelated to the product or service provided by the seller. When a seller files a SNC for this reason, the buyer is contacted asking them to confirm the reason for the cancellation within 7 days. Once they have confirmed the transaction, or the 7-day time frame has lapsed, the seller's fees will be refunded. What happens if the buyer agrees with the SNC? Once the buyer has confirmed that they do not intend to pay or no longer want the item: The SNC is immediately processed and the relevant credits passed to the seller We notify both the buyer and the seller that the SNC has been processed and confirm cancellation of the sale of the item. We immediately credit the seller for their Success Fee for the item and, where applicable, the Final Order Value Fee. What happens when the buyer disputes the SNC? In the event that the buyer disputes the SNC that has been filed, the SNC will not be processed any further. The seller will be notified of the dispute via email and will be requested to submit any relevant information to back the claims they have made when filing the SNC. In the notification to the seller, a unique SNC reference number will be given to the seller alongside a link to the submission page. Sellers will be able to submit up to 3 separate documents to support their claims. Once this has been received, the SNC will be reviewed by our SNC review team and the outcome communicated to the seller. We hope that these changes will improve your experience on the platform, if any of the information above is unclear or if you have any queries please contact us.
  3. Hi! I'm looking for some advice/info on importing diamond jewellery and reselling it in SA. I know you need to register as an importer with SARS, but is there anything else you need to do? Do you need some kind of permit? Anything else I need to know? Thanks
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