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Found 2 results

  1. Dear Bidorbuy, I bought a Nokia 8.1 from this con "company" called Connected Devices, and they said all the sweet things in the world to me...after some days they wrote me to tell me that the phone was on its way....then later i became frustrated with their excuses and demanded a refund or a replacement with a new phone (Nokia. 7.2), but they refused and said they will refund me...it's almost 3 weeks now, no phone, no money!! I wrote a negative review on their fraudulent activities online, and they responded with empty and childish threats to me that i retract that statement or forfeit my money!! This is what they sent me: "Further to our previous email, please retract your statement as it is bordering on libel and not acceptable by us. Once that has been done we will ensure that the refund is processed. Thank you in advance. The Connected Devices Team." What could be more fraudulent and con artistry than this!! Need I provide further evidence that these people are con artists swindling people online? Indeed, I just checked their reviews and another customer has recently written this about them: " Xiaomi Redmi 8 (64GB, Dual Sim, Blue, Special Import) I checked with seller to see if product is readily available. I was assured that it is. I ordered and paid. I am still waiting for a refund! 13 Jul 2020 MadBoo3365 4" Hence, it is apparently clear that this is their stock in trade!! They promise heaven and deliver hell!!! Yet, they tell me they had issues with their financial app, after initially saying the money will reflect on last week Friday! Now they're saying it's taking time to reflect because of BOB etc!! I transferred money recently from Standard bank to Capitec, and it took 24 hours, and you're giving me useless excuses of FNB taking three days and now BOB needs to agree to it....wow!! Trash!!!! Tell that to the dogs!!! Let me issue them this last warning!!! I am no coward or junkie who can be threatened or cowed into submission....so they better revise their notes and playbook! They may take their money for all I care, but I will make sure they pay dearly for it. And by the time I am through with them on all social media platforms an university and youth activists portals in South Africa, as well as online fraud reporting portals, they'll know their smoothness level! Libel my ass!! Tell that to the dogs!! Do you know libel? Tell BOB to take it down if it's libel...bad ratings are not acceptable to you but it's acceptable to me to be swindled of my hard-earned cash? If you do not know what is meant by blackmail, get a dictionary and be prepared for more "libel"-ous reviews, because I am cocked and locked to fire more!! And next time, it shall be with fire and fury!!
  2. Hi, I just received a call from a buyer who states that they received their parcel this morning and that they only opened it this evening and after opening it they discovered that one piece, the most expensive one is missing. I package and shipped the parcel myself and know that it was in the bag. Now they almost threatened me via sms to say they will go through "other" means to get a refund if I do not compensate them within a time frame of their liking. I used an Aramex Prepaid bag as the buyer did not pay insurance for the shipment and it states at the bottom of the listing under the bidding terms and conditions that we as the seller will not be liable for any lost parcels and damages while in transit. However I have had buyers with items that were damaged and other buyers with missing items. I have been assisting them all and replaced and refunded every order as needed. However this is a fairly large amount +_R4000. What am I to do? I cannot keep losing this is my only source of income and R4000 is almost a months worth of profit. Please I need help on what to do about this case.
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