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    I'm selling Smartphones and at least once a week someone tries to buy a phone fraudulently. It is easy to see when you get these sales because the client has no ratings and also opened the account the same day they placed the order. Now we need to wait 7 days to file an SNC as well as another 7 days to get our money back. This is really ridiculous. On EBAY they only charge a "Success Fee" when actual payment happens. This way I don't have to keep on filing SNCs.
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    Sometimes it goes even beyond, buyer responds / appeals to SNC saying they are planning to pay and they are given further time and still doesn't pay. We are forced to keep the item for over 15 days and end up losing the selling opportunity during that period.
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    Why is it that so many individual sellers (and some buyers too) use the collective pronoun "we" in their interactions with customers when they are clearly people who are selling only for themselves and are replying in a personal capacity? I see it also in item descriptions and shipping tabs as well as other places outside of bob. To me it all seems rather pretentious, I sell for myself on bidorbuy and have no intention of claiming otherwise. Speaking for ourselves, we will never adopt such a policy.
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    The coins all have messages & themes regarding empty promises like freedom for this and rights for that etc etc. It's a pity the SA Mint don't issue a coin with the message "STOP CORRUPTION" and let the government use the income of the coin-sales to actually do something about their endless empty promises ...
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    Normally when I buy old collectable coins and some of them are either rubbed or badly scratched I do not offer them for sale but accumulate them and scrap them for their precious metal value. When I took coins to be scrapped today I was told it is illegal to melt coins and that they are the property of the Reserve bank This apparently applies to old South African Shillings,gold coins etc. How true is this? Apart from that if a silver R1 is presented to the Reserve bank they will pay the face value of R1
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    Getting very used to the new image upload. Actually now it is starting to save a bit of time as well.
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    BoB why do you make it so confusing to calculate the success fee? You are suppose to look after the sellers that put money in your pocket, but you just make it so that it is very unattractive for new sellers, We cant you make a success fee calculator for the sellers? Or maybe you dont know how the calculation works yourself? Also why do you take commission from an order even before it is paid, why dont YOU wait seven days to take your commission, you have our bank details it is not like we are running away with your money, but you make it more and more difficult, you chase the sellers away from your platform, i dont know what is your plan but maybe you can share it and we can take hands and work on something that we all agree on, or are you scared your pocket will suffer? Why dont you take onboard the suggestions from the sellers and work for a platform we all enjoy? Or are you all about the money, screw the rest
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    Once a buyer completes order and pays via credit card - Buyer receives an email stating "seller is notified about payment and seller needs to accept payment". Please see attachment which Bidorbuy sends out to buyers. However seller never receives any email about payment, Buyer starts chasing about shipping while seller is unaware of payment. Bidorbuy sends a separate email to buyer asking for ID etc for verification and once it is sent verification can take up to 48 hours. I suggest that the communication sent out to buyers should state that - "Once verification is done sellers will be notified about payment". This will avoid buyers chasing for items before a credit card payment is notified / accepted. Atleast 50% of credit card payments I had to intervene and assist buyers stating verification process etc., this is becoming a routine.
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    This definitely adds to the reasons sales have slumped overall last few weeks Google chrome is the most popular browser and used by over half internet users If they getting these messages when trying to access BOB to make purchases then they cannot do so and will give up and thereby we lose potential sales and customers,,,,and they might stop trying and never come back..
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    Hi, Have you changed something like search criteria? I have priority/ category featured listings but over the past week, my sales have dropped to 0 - which is very sudden. Something has changed - please let me know how to fix it.
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    Third party software failure. I'll escalate.
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    Seriously BoB why do buyers get up to 14 days before an SNC can be finalised surely this can be reduced especially if the seller states payment within 48 hours after auction has closed? Such a waste of time & patience
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    Looks like the problems have been sorted out - phew ... that was an effort! Thank you to the BoB staff.
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    THANK YOU NEVER before have I had such speedy service. Bought item at 15:30 on 30/05/2019 and received in good order on 31/05/2019 at 08:35! Awesome shoutout to BidorBuy
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    Willie Ras from Mosselbay (Wilize) passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on 8 October. He has a 100% positive feedback as both a buyer and seller on BidorBuy, so I have informed BoB Management about the situation and asked them not to allow any negative ratings for non fulfillment of sales (I think there might have been one or two sales not completed) He would certainly have honored all transactions if he was still alive as is shown by his track record on BidorBuy since joining in 2014. Both me and BOB management have tried to make contact with the family but there is no response. If someone knows the family personally and have other ways of communicating with them, please contact me. Pierre
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    Is there anyone out there??? HTML NOT WORKIN G
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    Very sad news. He always had excellent raw coins that were affordable and was a true asset to the hobby. Deepest sympathy to his loved ones.
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    I've no doubt you have also reached out to the buyer by other means but if you are trying to reach him through the forum there is a very high likelihood that they are not going to see your message. It doesn't seem that many people go onto the forum section these days.
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    From the scuff marks it might be plated brass. Zinc plated perhaps.
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    Good morning Today's coin is very odd indeed. My mom got it from the store and asked if I had one like this. Immediately it struck me as strange that the coin seemed uncirculated with very few scuff marks or scratches on it and upon closer inspection I found the details were very soft. A magnet confirmed my suspicions, this was a fake coin. The first fake coin I've come across. The one of the right is genuine, the left one is the counterfeit.
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    This is true in all instances, with marketing the key creating labels and crazes of all sorts. With a slack economy such as we have at the moment, collectables seems to take a back seat, even with many the low priced items around. But I guess it also shows that the international market is not as big in our collectables as we would like to believe. For instance yesterday a copy of Rev Dower's book, in very good condition and with the Griqua Note in place, sold for $473 .00 (+-R6 600.00) including commission & VAT. I thought this was a very good price. The SA Mint thinking is marketing the Mandela series knowing that it is an item that sits well with tourism and locals, all the while "exaggerating the significance". From a business point of view, what's wrong with that. The irony here is that a socialist leaning government is putting capitalism to good use. The Mint issues local coinage with designs that promote the political landscape of the day on order from the Reserve Bank. As a manufacturer then, is it their place to actively promote past issues.
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    Even when i select View Desktop Site it still takes me back to the Buyers page
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    Firstly, if you read correctly i said some seller on BOB are still charging R99 for shipping, nowhere did i say it was less than R99 Secondly, it was one package. two bags, one inside the other. One whole package under 1kg, from the same seller, at the same time together. (not sure how else to exp[lain this. If you condone the charge of R220 for these items (as i have received), then that is your right, i was never telling you cannot charge what you want to charge, i was merely stating that sellers are making profit off postage. You are correct that i should have checked the shipping before the time, that was my mistake, will not do that again. In saying that, you are giving sellers the right to charge what ever they want IF they get away with it? Shifting the blame is taking from the wrong doing that is happening.
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    Looking at the metal content of south african "coppers" it's clear that prior to 1942 these coins had a much higher content of tin , therefore making them bronze coinage ( Copper 0.955, Tin 0.030, Zinc 0.015 ) after 1942 much less tin ( Copper 0.950, Tin 0.005, Zinc 0.045 ) and prior to 1937 bronze coinage was "blackened" by the mint.
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    I think that what was in the past was in the past. Apartheid had a horrific effect on the majority of the population, with the bitter fruit being that the pendulum has now swung the other way and today post-apartheid has seen the legal marginalisation of the minority. To my mind, two wrongs have never made a right. The old South African flag is meaningless to me and many others, and I do not see any reason to either defend it or to obliterate its presence everywhere. However, this flag was the symbol of the State of a time which is now history. One cannot teach the children of today regarding the terrible wrongs that were done under apartheid if facts and features of that era are hidden in a fog of Orwellian knowing-ignorance and forgetfulness. Re coins and notes (and stamps), they do not harm anybody. Add the presence of the old flag on such numismatic material and you have a simple curiosity, a symbol of a dreadful past out of the ashes of which rose the hopes of an entire nation for a bright new future - free of the shackles of racism and discrimination and a wish for prosperity for all. So "no" - I do not see anything wrong in collecting such numismatic material.....
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    Nice write-up, Sounds like you had a good time.
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    Awesome!! I love buying the old roman etc coins when I go to the UK. However,this one is beyond my means
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    Good day I've done a little video on my experiences buying and selling coins for those less familiar with bidorbuy.
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    I would contact Wendy Knowler from Consumer Watch. She does alot of this type of intervention when a person is being treated totally unfairly in a transaction and is an expert consumer journalist (she is unbias whether you are the seller or a buyer, only looking at who is right in the situation and who is wrong). She runs columns in many top newspapers as well as does radio spots. You can contact her at consumer@knowler.co.za. I am certain she will take Bid or Buy to the docks for this type of behaviour that we all have been experiencing in the past year or so.
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    Amazing that when this was introduced it bought 2 toilet rolls and a loaf of bread. Today you battle to find one in UNC for under R500.
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    Well Robert ... Why make them millionaires if you can make them trillionaires a few times over ...
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    "Because of the total devastation of the twin towers there is virtually nothing left. The few items that have been salvaged will be part of the memorial at the site of the former towers. But remarkably there was a Comex vault located in the basement of the World Trade Center that contained around two hundred million dollars of gold and silver bullion that survived. On the night of November 1, 2001 as the work proceeded on the ground zero clean up the workers made their way to the vault and with little fanfare a caravan of Brinks armored trucks hauled the bullion to another Comex vault. There were Silver, Gold & Platinum American Eagles as well as a few South African KRUGER RANDS, CANADIAN MAPLE LEAVES, AUSTRALIAN NUGGETS, BRITISH SOVEREIGNS, MEXICAN PESOS & A FEW OTHERS. Some of the silver eagles and a small amount of gold were sent directly to the Professional Coin Grading Service. These coins were sealed in their patented tamper resistant holders with a certificate of authentication certifying that the coin is one of the few that was excavated from the World Trade Center site."
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    Awesome Robert. I have only been collecting for about 4 years or so. I started out with coins, but then discovered all these beautiful Banknotes that we have and that we are doing so little promoting. It is just another feeling holding a William Clegg 5 Pounds! Also I find that it is easier to get good quality coins from 1902 than to get a Gouvernements Note from that era?
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    At last I have found it. This is a scan of the common first day cover showing the various designs, including the humpback R2. I do not have the scarce white first day cover, and was wondering whether this carries the same R2 design. .
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    Interesting. Thanks to all the participants. This can only be good for SA coin collecting.
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    Many of us are still searching for the person who designed the original Griqua coins. From old posts on this forum ... "Thomas Halliday was the die-sinker for the Griqua coinage, but most probably not the maker. He might have designed them and he made the dies but for their mintage, one probably has to look elsewhere. In my view, someone like Sir Edward Thomason is a good candidate (he struck silver coinage for Africa in the same period) and also resided at Birmingham at the time - he and Halliday worked closely together. Halliday and Thomason frequently worked together – the one as designer (die-sinker) and the other as the actual minter." But the jury is still out...
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    Good day A friend at work was kind enough to present me with my third 2018 Madiba R5.
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    Thanks for informing us Pierre. I myself would never have known as I hardly used to read the NGC newsletters. Well done Adrian. You truly have some stunning coins in your collection. Thanks for preserving our history! And thanks for helping keep SA coin collecting in the limelight, where it belongs. I am proud to be called an SA collector.
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    Well done Adrian. You a beacon of light to us newly aspiring numismatists.
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    Hi Everyone, Just viewing the forum after some months and catching up on all that I missed. A genuinely fantastic achievement by Adrian. Well done! Mohammed.
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    Hi Robert, A verbatim quote from the South African Reserve Bank Amendment Act, 1997 in particular Section 34 Offences and penalties. (1) Subject to the provisions of section 2 of the Prevention of Counterfeiting of Currency Act, 1965 (Act 16 of 1965), any person who- (a) forges, alters or unlawfully issues a note of the Bank or something purporting to be a note of the Bank, or any coin; (b) utters, tenders or accepts any such note or a coin which has been forged, altered or unlawfully issued, knowing it to be forged, altered or unlawfully issued; (c) without the authority of the Bank, engraves or makes upon any material whatsoever any words, figures, letters, marks, lines or devices the print whereof resembles in whole or in part any words, figures, letters, marks, lines or devices peculiar to and used in or upon any note of the Bank or any coin which is legal tender; (d) without the authority of the Bank, uses or knowingly has in his possession any material whatsoever upon which has been engraved or made any such words, figures, letters, marks, lines or devices; (e) contravenes the provisions of section 33; (f) wilfully defaces, soils or damages any note of the Bank, or writes or places any drawing thereon or attaches thereto anything in the nature of an advertisement, or wilfully defaces or damages any coin which is legal tender; (g) removes from the premises where coins are manufactured under this Act, without lawful authority or excuse, any matrix, master punch, die, collar, piercing and cutting tool, pattern or mould, or any other tool, machine, engine, instrument or thing used or employed in or in connection with the coining of coins, or any useful part of the several objects aforesaid, or any coin or bullion; (h) is found in possession of any blank or defective coin of the size, shape and metal composition of any coin of which the coining is authorized by this Act, and is unable to account satisfactorily for such possession; (i) fraudulently inserts or uses in a machine that vends merchandise or services or collects fares or tolls, anything that is intended to pass for the coin or the token of value that the machine is designed to receive in exchange for the merchandise, service, fare or toll, as the case may be; (j) sells, exchanges or otherwise disposes of any metal reproduction of any gold coin contemplated in Schedule 2, or uses the word 'Krugerrand', 'Natura' or 'Protea', or any derivative thereof or any combination thereof with any other word in the furtherance of the sale, exchange or disposal in any other manner of such a reproduction or of any metal article of commerce; [Para. (j) substituted by s. 10 of Act 2 of 1996.] (k) without the written approval of the Department of Finance, intentionally destroys, melts down, dissolves in any dissolvent, breaks up or damages a coin that has been issued under section 11 of the South African Mint and Coinage Act, 1964 (Act 78 of 1964), or under section 14 of this Act, or removes any such coin out of the Republic, or causes or permits it to be so removed, with the purpose of so dealing with it or causing it to be so dealt with outside the Republic; or (l) sells or disposes of any coin issued as contemplated in paragraph (k), knowing or suspecting that such coin is to be dealt with in a manner constituting an offence under paragraph (k), shall be guilty of an offence and liable on conviction- Kind regards Andries
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    It would be nice if there could be some sort of indication that messages sent via the bob messaging system have been read by the receiver. Like the blue tick you get on WhatsApp. OLX also show messages as read.
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    For some reason, a major work by a well-known researcher & author on South African Numismatics of the previous century, Matthy Esterhuysen, is not included in most summaries of South African numismatic publications. Maybe because it was only published in Afrikaans in those days. (It is a large 185-page hardcover coffee-table sized book) It is called “Ons Gelderfenis” (Our Coin Heritage) published in 1980. (Amongst other works, Matthy Esterhuysen also wrote the book The Burgerspond – South Africa’s first Gold Coin that was published in 1976) Regarding the Griqua coinage, she notes some interesting information that I was never aware of… Firstly, a few years ago on this forum, Professor Francois Malan and I had a discussion to whom the “Roos Collection of Griqua Coins” might relate to after I stated the following. “As a matter of interest, in 1940 some Griqua pieces were examined by J.T. Becklake, who was the last Deputy Master of the Royal Mint Pretoria & the First Director of the South African Mint. His findings were published years later in July 1955 in the first issue of De Nummis, the journal of the Transvaal Numismatic Society. He compared the weights, diameters and thickness of the Griqua token coins that were in the collections of the Mint in Pretoria, Spink in London, the Africana Museum in Johannesburg and a private Transvaal collector, Mr. Roos, to whom he refers to as the late Mr. Roos, who must have died before 1940. Spink only had a quarter penny and 5-pence piece in their collection (stock) but both the Pretoria Mint and the Africana museum in Johannesburg, as well as the late Mr. Roos, had examples of all four the Griqua coins (copper ¼ and ½ pieces and silver 5 and 10 pence pieces) Becklake specifically states that the copper farthing and half-penny in the Roos collection were “worn pieces” as were the obverse of the quarter penny in the Pretoria Mint’s collection” Professor Malan responded… “The Mr Roos you referring to is probably the famous politician Tielman Roos. For the Huisgenoot of 2 June 1933 he wrote an article on Suid-Afrikaanse Munstukke under the name J. De V. Roos (his correct initials). The editor mentioned that the author possessed one of the most interesting collections of South African coins.” We now actually have a definite answer … On page 59 of “Ons Gelderfenis” (Our Coin Heritage) by Matthy Esterhuysen, she states that (my translation)... “A Set of Griqua coins was donated to the museum by Mr. J de Villiers Roos, former Controller and Auditor-General of the Union of South Africa. The 5d piece was bought by him in 1925 on a London auction for £5, an amount that was very high even in those days” (My own research shows that this person was born in 1869 and died in 1940) Thus NOT the well-known politician and Justice Minister from 1924 to 1929, Tielman Roos (1879-1935) that Professor Malan speculated the person was. He and Tielman were not even brothers (but they could have been cousins). Another interesting observation is that Esterhuysen states that she knows of only 4 collections (of which the Roos collection was one) who had all 4 denominations of the Griqua coinage included (thus a complete Griqua collection) but she mentions that a few more collectors had single pieces. Esterhuysen mentions that the two copper issues are scarcer that the two silver issues, but now, many years later, we know that that is not necessarily true – my last take on them a few years back shows the combined NGC and PCGS population statistics for 37 copper pieces and only 31 silver pieces.
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    Vinyl Lady.....sadly I agree. For many of us it is the end of one selling era, but the start of another.
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