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    Once a buyer completes order and pays via credit card - Buyer receives an email stating "seller is notified about payment and seller needs to accept payment". Please see attachment which Bidorbuy sends out to buyers. However seller never receives any email about payment, Buyer starts chasing about shipping while seller is unaware of payment. Bidorbuy sends a separate email to buyer asking for ID etc for verification and once it is sent verification can take up to 48 hours. I suggest that the communication sent out to buyers should state that - "Once verification is done sellers will be notified about payment". This will avoid buyers chasing for items before a credit card payment is notified / accepted. Atleast 50% of credit card payments I had to intervene and assist buyers stating verification process etc., this is becoming a routine.
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    This definitely adds to the reasons sales have slumped overall last few weeks Google chrome is the most popular browser and used by over half internet users If they getting these messages when trying to access BOB to make purchases then they cannot do so and will give up and thereby we lose potential sales and customers,,,,and they might stop trying and never come back..
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    Hi, Have you changed something like search criteria? I have priority/ category featured listings but over the past week, my sales have dropped to 0 - which is very sudden. Something has changed - please let me know how to fix it.
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    I'm selling Smartphones and at least once a week someone tries to buy a phone fraudulently. It is easy to see when you get these sales because the client has no ratings and also opened the account the same day they placed the order. Now we need to wait 7 days to file an SNC as well as another 7 days to get our money back. This is really ridiculous. On EBAY they only charge a "Success Fee" when actual payment happens. This way I don't have to keep on filing SNCs.
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    BoB why do you make it so confusing to calculate the success fee? You are suppose to look after the sellers that put money in your pocket, but you just make it so that it is very unattractive for new sellers, We cant you make a success fee calculator for the sellers? Or maybe you dont know how the calculation works yourself? Also why do you take commission from an order even before it is paid, why dont YOU wait seven days to take your commission, you have our bank details it is not like we are running away with your money, but you make it more and more difficult, you chase the sellers away from your platform, i dont know what is your plan but maybe you can share it and we can take hands and work on something that we all agree on, or are you scared your pocket will suffer? Why dont you take onboard the suggestions from the sellers and work for a platform we all enjoy? Or are you all about the money, screw the rest
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