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    All true, but many South Africans do not have the ability (or know-how) to invest overseas, so the safest short-term way to protect their money (not growing it) is gold. My financial advisor has always stated that he does not believe in gold as an investment, because "it is just there, all on its lonesome, stored in your safe, it does not actually do anything" Well yes, but for the average citizen who does not have the know-how or ability to invest overseas, gold simply protects what you already have. It certainly does not make you poorer in times of angst and uncertainty..
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    Hello Pierre-Henri. I could not agree with you more. I have been listing about 150 items using the old format and thus pre-viewing them all in the old format. After reading your post, I went into the new format to see the difference in the appearance. What a shock! Empty and useless spaces that should have been used for the product information. As you have said: keep the buyers’ focus on the actual item that is listed. Regards, Jacques
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    In this extreme times of difficulty and angst, why cant BidorBuy do the right thing and just convert back to the previous format, at least for a period of say 1 month - I see that the Crazy Wednesday's have all but collapsed - as sellers we don not need the current format to also work against us....we have enough problems keeping us afloat in these difficult times.
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    I found the reason why it shows 16 - through another auction. The Seller originally listed 6 items for sale.. When you were bidding it must have shown 6 items. After the auction ended the seller offered 10 more of same item on personal offer to make a total of 16.
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