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    > serious sellers (Business people) use their desktops for their business they do not use their cell phones To use the internet from a cell phone + Whatsup is like trying to eat spaghetti with chopsticks. Use a laptop + email.
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    No, just bad management - still not fully resolved. If they are the best couriers in SA then God help as all.
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    Try to upload a picture via the "new" BidorBuy format and you immediately looses 66% of the pixels - the pictures look like something from a horror movie. When BidorBuy changes over at the end of the year and cut off the current workable system for old time users, its going to be a blood bath. For my listings next year I am posting as much listings NOW, so that I can prevent the pictures to look like spooky nightmares then. (and that is just a fraction of the problems many of us have with the new format) My forecast is that in May or June next year, BidorBuy will realize the massive mistake they made and will change back to the workable system they have now. The new format is truly one horrible disaster for those trying to keep BoB alive - the SELLERS who stuck with them since way back when! Pierre
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