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    Good day Please note that this is a standard security measure we have in place to keep bidorbuy safe for buyers and sellers alike. Rest assured that your personal information is safe with us and your credit card details will not be stored. Once we have verified your details, you will be able to purchase without your card being flagged.
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    Dear Collectors, For many years I have been skeptical of the need for a South African Grading Company and its place in what we feel is an international hobby where grading should be left to tried and tested companies like NGC and PCGS. Of late I have submitted well known Gold ZAR Forgeries as described in Eli Levine's Book "The Coinage and Counterfeits of the Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek" (Purnell 1974) to both NGC and PCGS. The response from the overseas graders showed up a lack of understanding of our numismatic heritage. They merely called the coins forgeries and would not encapsulate them or give them their Eli Levine "code". SANGS at least gave these forgeries their correct assignment and showed us their better understanding of our Numismatic Heritage. I would like to give Glenn Schoeman and his team a sincere thanks for their tireless effort over the last 6 or so years. As South African Collectors, we must look with unbiased minds at SANGS and its certification. In the past, PCGS was prepared to encapsulate and grade the 1900 Pond Forgery (so called "Perfect Forgery") as shown in the pic but now it no longer is part of their population report. How can they arbitrarily remove a coin that was once graded from their records? This inconsistency is not good for their standing in the numismatic community. I also submitted a 1900 Blankpond with Graffiti to NGC in the hope that they would at least encapsulate it without success (please see pic) . SANGS again did this coin justice it deserves. I also have an 1893 Silver Rupee from German East Africa that has been counter-stamped "PM" , in my book indicated "Provincia Mozambique". Two submissions to NGC and one to PCGS did not get this coin encapsulated or recognized as such. When I posted this coin on Facebook in a coin collectors group asking for opinions, a collector posted two coins with the same counterstamp who regarded them as Mozambican. The 1893 Rupee itself is very uncommon with about 4 coins graded between NGC and PCGS. SANGS to their credit recognized the over-stamp and the gradeability of the coin . It seems there is a lack of knowledge overseas of some African coins. Thanks for reading this. Geejay50
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    Hello everyone I have tentatively booked Saturday 18 September from 3 to 4 the afternoon at my house in Durbanville. Please let me know if you are available. We will have two short talks by Adrian Jordi (15 minutes) and David Flack (5 minutes) respectively. Adrian will talk about the NGC Registry that is free online coin collecting platform where collectors display and organize their coins and compete for best sets. (Adrian have won various “Best Sets” categories in the past and collects both South African coins and bank notes) David will demonstrate to us how a high-end scanning machine works for testing the metal content of coins (and other items). If you have any coins you wish to be tested, please bring them along. We will then have only 1 agenda point and that will be to set up a committee to formally establish the Society. There will also be a small display of coins that circulated at the Cape of Good Hope in the olden days as well as a book and magazine collection relating to South African Numismatics. I will be able to accommodate up to 20 people so please let me know in advance who wish to attend. I will then confirm by sending you my physical address in Durbanville. Remember the date being 15H00 to 16H00 on Saturday 18 September and all attendees will be asked to wear masks and obey the Covid rules. Kind regards Pierre Nortje (Acting Secretary) 6 September 2021
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    Hi Everyone We please to announce a YouTube Channel for South Africa called "South African Coin Talk". We have uploaded quite a few interviews and talks. Please clink on the link and make sure you "SUBSCRIBE" to be notified of any new content. We have some interesting talks lined up. South African Coin Talk - YouTube
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