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    I have had endless problems with Paxi with the collection of parcels. Will no longer be using them
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    Good day I've done a little video on my experiences buying and selling coins for those less familiar with bidorbuy.
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    "Because of the total devastation of the twin towers there is virtually nothing left. The few items that have been salvaged will be part of the memorial at the site of the former towers. But remarkably there was a Comex vault located in the basement of the World Trade Center that contained around two hundred million dollars of gold and silver bullion that survived. On the night of November 1, 2001 as the work proceeded on the ground zero clean up the workers made their way to the vault and with little fanfare a caravan of Brinks armored trucks hauled the bullion to another Comex vault. There were Silver, Gold & Platinum American Eagles as well as a few South African KRUGER RANDS, CANADIAN MAPLE LEAVES, AUSTRALIAN NUGGETS, BRITISH SOVEREIGNS, MEXICAN PESOS & A FEW OTHERS. Some of the silver eagles and a small amount of gold were sent directly to the Professional Coin Grading Service. These coins were sealed in their patented tamper resistant holders with a certificate of authentication certifying that the coin is one of the few that was excavated from the World Trade Center site."
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