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    This is true in all instances, with marketing the key creating labels and crazes of all sorts. With a slack economy such as we have at the moment, collectables seems to take a back seat, even with many the low priced items around. But I guess it also shows that the international market is not as big in our collectables as we would like to believe. For instance yesterday a copy of Rev Dower's book, in very good condition and with the Griqua Note in place, sold for $473 .00 (+-R6 600.00) including commission & VAT. I thought this was a very good price. The SA Mint thinking is marketing the Mandela series knowing that it is an item that sits well with tourism and locals, all the while "exaggerating the significance". From a business point of view, what's wrong with that. The irony here is that a socialist leaning government is putting capitalism to good use. The Mint issues local coinage with designs that promote the political landscape of the day on order from the Reserve Bank. As a manufacturer then, is it their place to actively promote past issues.
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