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    Firstly, if you read correctly i said some seller on BOB are still charging R99 for shipping, nowhere did i say it was less than R99 Secondly, it was one package. two bags, one inside the other. One whole package under 1kg, from the same seller, at the same time together. (not sure how else to exp[lain this. If you condone the charge of R220 for these items (as i have received), then that is your right, i was never telling you cannot charge what you want to charge, i was merely stating that sellers are making profit off postage. You are correct that i should have checked the shipping before the time, that was my mistake, will not do that again. In saying that, you are giving sellers the right to charge what ever they want IF they get away with it? Shifting the blame is taking from the wrong doing that is happening.
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    THANK YOU NEVER before have I had such speedy service. Bought item at 15:30 on 30/05/2019 and received in good order on 31/05/2019 at 08:35! Awesome shoutout to BidorBuy
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    PayPal is very convenient for buyers but can be a nightmare for sellers. I would recommend the following two payment gateways: Skrill (formally MoneyBookers) - http://www.skrill.com PayFast - http://www.payfast.co.za Both are easy to use and setup, easy for buyers to make payments, and offer exceptional protection for both buyers and sellers.
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