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    Hi to all. Can all the collectors and dealers in the Cape Town region please contact me. I want to start and continue the western cape numismatic society We want to meet once a month with a discussion on grading of coin. Banknotes and just general info on what coins to buy and when. If you don't have my details , contact Pierre Nortje or Waldo Human oe Eugene Alberts . Let's show other provinces we can also do it. Will be interesting. Rare NotesCoins Morne
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    It's the mini ..the little toys?
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    The abolity to add a video to a listing, as is possible in the majority of auction sites, would be a very useful feature. Bid or Buy would not need to host the video itself, the option could easily be added via a standard IFRAME. That way the video could be hosted on YouTube or similar website, and will be embedded in the listing. This will be especially useful for gemstone listings where a buyer can see a video of the stone to show the fire and sparkle of the stone. It should be a very simple modification to the site to allow an HTML iframe to be included in the listing.
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    Seen that problem plenty lately
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    Good day all numismatics Let me just first make it clear that I'm a very amateur numismatic, but these are my observations and frustrations. I would like some explanations on why there is such a vast difference in selling price (real value) obtained during Bob auctions and Herns values (book value). I don't know why such a book even exists if it is so ridiculously out of touch with reality, and to make matters worse its published yearly! I don't buy coins to make money as I have never sold any coins, but when I'm looking to make new sets or upgrade some coin I really would like a estimate budget. How difficult would it be for this Herns chap to collect data from Bob , then his book would have some real value. Thanks Des
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    As a coin seller myself on BidorBuy, I have seen prices paid by “investors” for coins that are not worth a fraction of the price they have originally paid for them. I have over the years received quite a few coin collections to resell after the investors burned their fingers horribly. These unfortunate investors tried to (re)sell the coins back to the companies from whom they have bought the coins in the first place but guess what? – No hope in hell – the scammers have left the planet the moment you try to contact them regarding the coins you have bought from them in the first place. There are a few well-known companies in South Africa who are a total embarrassment to our numismatic community and who sell coins to unfortunate and uninformed “investors” at silly prices and then claiming that these coins will be worth “so and so much in so many years” (One is situated in the Southern Cape and one in Johannesburg) On the other hand, coin companies like Randcoin in Johannesburg and City Coins in Cape Town are examples of bona fide dealers who have built up trust and recognition over many years. The best way to be pretty sure the seller is above suspicion is to check the Saand.co website
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    HI Des, my advice to you would be to first do some research on the coin before buying it, i have seen a buyer on BOB lately buying coins for really crazy high prices. He will never get his money back. a 1935 1 penny was sold for +- R3700.00 and 3 weeks later another coin with the same grade came up and was sold for +- R710.00. Thats a diffirence of about R3000.00 on one coin, even in 50 years he will not see a return on the coin bought. Herns book is a good reference especially to mintage figures , i also like the book by MorgantheBrave as it has some extra info on mintage figures which most people misses. and lately there is a site www.coindatabase.org which gives you the latest sales price on SA coins, this site is a must if your a SA collector.(my opinion) Please remember that in most US or European sales our coins fetch a higher price .( high graded and rare coins) Good luck and Happy collecting
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    On Monday 3 July, it will be the official 50th birthday of the Krugerrand. Interestingly, during the ceremonial first striking on 3 July 1967, there were only 5 people present namely Dr and Mrs Diederichs, Victor Lodder (Secretary of the Treasury) and Koos and Adele Goenewald (Director of the Mint). A photograph of this page in the visitor book of the old Mint is shown in the new book “Krugerrand Golden Jubilee”. The few visitors at the visitors indicate that the potential of the coin was probably not realized at the time. In the years following that, many Mints adopted the 1 ounce (and the later fractional) formula. It is now fifty years later and it is somewhat ironic that the specific anniversary day will be very low key again. As far as I know no official functions are planned for South Africa. It is nevertheless such an important anniversary that it is worthwhile to lift a glass on Monday on this Golden Jubilee of the coin. Happy birthday Krugerrand!
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    Hi! As a military collector I will appreciate to view the whole military section (without choosing an item search in advanced search) to exclude sellers, as I hate all the knives and ninja swords that is listed in droves and relisted every second day. It would be great to exclude certain sellers and save them in my profile,so they can be excluded in any search, as soon as I'm logged on. Thanks Chris
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    Fair enough. Surely though any deliberate action calculated and known to a reasonable person to cause monetary loss to another person (sellers losing listing fees by having to relist due to non-payment) cannot be legal? I understand that buyers have the CPA on their side but this shouldn't be used as a shield to hide behind when a "buyer"(deliberate chain yanker is more like it) decides to bid on something becuase he or she is bored and didnt expect to actually win.
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    On Buy Nows, the buyer has the legal right to cancel a sale within 5 days, and cannot be penalised for this according to the CPA. These are not credit transactions or agreemments therefore we cannot hand them over to the credit bureaus. The seller may at their own expense and effort take the matter to civil court for auctions not concluded by the buyer. We have to be very careful about discriminating against users in terms of the CPA.
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