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    I hear what you are saying to a point. From a seller's point of view, take this scenario: Buyer bids, wins, pays fast and you post. Seller rates positive and posts. Buyer receives and is unhappy and either rates neg immediately without contacting the seller, or contacts seller and is either aggressive/rude or such. Whatever offer seller makes to try to resolve, is met with hostility. Now....this is the seller's experience and the best he can now do, is to change from a positive to a neutral? I am old-school and believe in communication. I treasure my buyers' communication with me and merely hold the rating back till we are both happy. If however there is a problem, my judgement is mine to be reserved till mutual satisfaction and I would be extremely unhappy were I forced to rate merely upon payment.
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    How do I block adds, or sellers if I have no interest in the items they are selling. If I, for example, sort "lowest price" under ''new'' I get thousands of adds featuring stamps and seeds and little electronic parts and so on that I have no interest in. We do not all want the same things- I get that, but adds that spam up my search filters make these searches useless in my opinion. A simple solution would be to give me the option of hiding adds from certain sellers, so I can actually find the items / sellers that do interest me. Finding what I want quicker may make me buy more, instead of just giving up after looking through irrelevant adds for hours.
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    AGREED!!! Sellers are penalised for the smallest things, yet buyer's are allowed to run pampage on sellers listings, bidding and then not bothering to pay or even reply to emails. And the premium listing fees down the drain with BoiB saying "no refund because you got your exposure that you paid for". Yet they refuse to implement proper strategies to ensure that the buyers do not keep bidding and then choosing afterwards whicvh items they want to pay for. The sellers are the ones responsible for BoB's income, we pay your salaries, and yet we do not get proper protection against buyers who play games with our money. Interesting to see what reply BoB will have about this? And if anything will EVER be done about it.
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    When I meet all my obligations as the buyer - making payment, doing so on time etc, I expect the seller to post a positive review in a reasonable amount of time. For the most part, the majority do operate this way. As soon as the payment clears, the seller rates the buyer. However, some sellers don't do this. Instead, they withhold the rating while waiting on the buyers rating which cannot be done until the items are received and checked. They then use the buyers rating as the basis of their own, despite the fact that the buyer met all possible obligations, that could be expected. Then there are sellers who 'forget' and 'ignore' requests to post ratings altogether. It is not fair on buyers to lose out on positive ratings this way. I believe that if the seller fails to post a buyers rating after payment is made/received, BoB should automatically allocate the positive rating to the buyer and have the seller dispute this if necessary. However, if a buyer made payment on time - seller has no case.
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    ".Rating are actually only supposed to be for the experience ,not the product .Thats how i see it ." mrmouse. I agree with you about disgust regarding unethical "service", poor service or blatant lying. However, the rating is a two way experience.
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