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    Nice to see we are sharing the spotlight with a classic Greek Silver Stater and a Medieval British Gold Hammered Coin!
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    Thank you for your concern. @Seeds and All Many first time buyers are skeptical thinking they are scammed when something goes wrong. The buyer was very co-operative later on I have no issues with them at all. As a long time seller we are willing to loose to monies to keep buyers happy. But, Lately bidorbuy reverses many SNCs due to no fault of seller, this is the worry and many customer care reps seems new as well.
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    If I was this buyer I would have offered to reimburse you for the courier fees you incurred as it wasn't your fault. It is a bitter pill to swallow when Bid or Buy instructs you to exchange the "faulty" item but not hold the buyer responsible for the extra fees you incurred due to their negligence.
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    I see that BidorBuy have changed the Promotional Category Listings from the short-lived free (no cost) to the previously charged R5 fee. I have listed many items with a Promotional Category Listing that was free at the time I listed them (the past week or so) but the listings have not opened yet. But because BidorBuy-fees only kicks in when items open, am I going to be charged the R5 fee per Promotional Category Listing when the item(s) opens? Or will it be free because when I did the listings, there was no additional charge (at that stage) for Promotional Category Listings? Regards Pierre Pierre_Henri31817 100.00% Positive Ratings Joined 10 Jun 2009 Cape Town
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    With years of buying from BoB and sometimes getting bad service or loosing money, i wish to congratulate BoB on the seller THIVHA2000 which does not only go the extra mile, he also builds a road before doing so! So amazing to find this honest seller who is setting new standards for other sellers. Congrats!
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    Thank you Tash May I suggest that you do not refer to it as the "old" site. That is the ONLY site that many of us top sellers use. The latest version is practically unusable for many sellers. Kind regards Pierre
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    Dear Collectors, For many years I have been skeptical of the need for a South African Grading Company and its place in what we feel is an international hobby where grading should be left to tried and tested companies like NGC and PCGS. Of late I have submitted well known Gold ZAR Forgeries as described in Eli Levine's Book "The Coinage and Counterfeits of the Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek" (Purnell 1974) to both NGC and PCGS. The response from the overseas graders showed up a lack of understanding of our numismatic heritage. They merely called the coins forgeries and would not encapsulate them or give them their Eli Levine "code". SANGS at least gave these forgeries their correct assignment and showed us their better understanding of our Numismatic Heritage. I would like to give Glenn Schoeman and his team a sincere thanks for their tireless effort over the last 6 or so years. As South African Collectors, we must look with unbiased minds at SANGS and its certification. In the past, PCGS was prepared to encapsulate and grade the 1900 Pond Forgery (so called "Perfect Forgery") as shown in the pic but now it no longer is part of their population report. How can they arbitrarily remove a coin that was once graded from their records? This inconsistency is not good for their standing in the numismatic community. I also submitted a 1900 Blankpond with Graffiti to NGC in the hope that they would at least encapsulate it without success (please see pic) . SANGS again did this coin justice it deserves. I also have an 1893 Silver Rupee from German East Africa that has been counter-stamped "PM" , in my book indicated "Provincia Mozambique". Two submissions to NGC and one to PCGS did not get this coin encapsulated or recognized as such. When I posted this coin on Facebook in a coin collectors group asking for opinions, a collector posted two coins with the same counterstamp who regarded them as Mozambican. The 1893 Rupee itself is very uncommon with about 4 coins graded between NGC and PCGS. SANGS to their credit recognized the over-stamp and the gradeability of the coin . It seems there is a lack of knowledge overseas of some African coins. Thanks for reading this. Geejay50
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    That makes sense ty!
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    QUOTE ADMIN: . Unless you are a seller from outside South Africa or expect to receive many payments from buyers outside of South Africa, PayPal is not recommended as a payment option. Then this seller is at fault as it showed Paypal as an option. Now the buyer sits with an unwarranted negative rating and so does the seller Both in the wrong like 2 year olds The ratings should be removed It does not say much for Bidorbuy when uncalled for ratings are left to fester I still fume about one that was a total lie a couple of years ago and Bidorbuy The buyer did not have a good track record at all--horrible spiteful person all over me in revenge
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    I told the seller to file an SNC and in there we must just both agree not to go ahead with the sale, but he did it his way in the SNC he kept on complaining about the no payment, trying to blame me for not paying, i told him on mails to just agree that we dont want to go ahead with this deal by doing that he will get his comm back and the case would have been done, but as i said he did it the other way. yes we are not 2 years old and i am so sure that BoB is not a place where we play *** for tat, if you are 2 wrongs doesnt make a right, if he played the game from the word go, instead of lying to me and then keep on lying in the SNC i would have NOT given him a negative rating, but blaming a new person of not paying play a sick role where trust is the game here, i am sure you would have given him a negative 2. Where do you draw the line??
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    That is your bank, i am free you use my Paypal as to buy if paypal is available and it this case it was. But you are completely out of line here! the payment method is not in question here, what the problem is that i got a negative rating for NOT paying the said item while paypal was an option from his side and then he canceled it after the auction was won by me, now i am in fault for not paying the item. It is the same you buy a bread at the shop and after you pay for it you get a dozen of bread rolls!!
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