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    From the scuff marks it might be plated brass. Zinc plated perhaps.
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    Good morning Today's coin is very odd indeed. My mom got it from the store and asked if I had one like this. Immediately it struck me as strange that the coin seemed uncirculated with very few scuff marks or scratches on it and upon closer inspection I found the details were very soft. A magnet confirmed my suspicions, this was a fake coin. The first fake coin I've come across. The one of the right is genuine, the left one is the counterfeit.
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    You said it yourself, you attempt to get value for your money, but your primary reason is to collect and you don't mind a loss. Now most, if not all start-up collectors expect coin collecting to be profitable. But isn't that just the thing about coins. I collect other stuff as well, but strangely enough, when we discuss and I sometimes show my friends, they automatically attach more value to coins that the other collectables. And I don't think that this is true only for RSA and the US as you seem to suggest. I see the function of a Collectable's Society not one to create a market, but to assist existing and new collectors to that market through research, articles and preserving the institutional knowledge of seasoned collectors. To turn your words, "organic, not artificial". There are many past and present publications on our coinage, but books alone will not be catalyst enough. I have seen many questions being asked by newcomers on this forum that went unanswered, when I know that there are more knowledgable participants reading it, but opt not to answer.
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