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    I'm selling Smartphones and at least once a week someone tries to buy a phone fraudulently. It is easy to see when you get these sales because the client has no ratings and also opened the account the same day they placed the order. Now we need to wait 7 days to file an SNC as well as another 7 days to get our money back. This is really ridiculous. On EBAY they only charge a "Success Fee" when actual payment happens. This way I don't have to keep on filing SNCs.
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    We also lose thousands of Rands every month in lost enhancement fees. I am even afraid to enhance many listings with home page / premium enhancements, afraid of losing those R 50s and R 100s due to non paying one timers
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    Sometimes it goes even beyond, buyer responds / appeals to SNC saying they are planning to pay and they are given further time and still doesn't pay. We are forced to keep the item for over 15 days and end up losing the selling opportunity during that period.
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    This definitely adds to the reasons sales have slumped overall last few weeks Google chrome is the most popular browser and used by over half internet users If they getting these messages when trying to access BOB to make purchases then they cannot do so and will give up and thereby we lose potential sales and customers,,,,and they might stop trying and never come back..
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    Hi, Have you changed something like search criteria? I have priority/ category featured listings but over the past week, my sales have dropped to 0 - which is very sudden. Something has changed - please let me know how to fix it.
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    Third party software failure. I'll escalate.
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    Seriously BoB why do buyers get up to 14 days before an SNC can be finalised surely this can be reduced especially if the seller states payment within 48 hours after auction has closed? Such a waste of time & patience
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    Looks like the problems have been sorted out - phew ... that was an effort! Thank you to the BoB staff.
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    Willie Ras from Mosselbay (Wilize) passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on 8 October. He has a 100% positive feedback as both a buyer and seller on BidorBuy, so I have informed BoB Management about the situation and asked them not to allow any negative ratings for non fulfillment of sales (I think there might have been one or two sales not completed) He would certainly have honored all transactions if he was still alive as is shown by his track record on BidorBuy since joining in 2014. Both me and BOB management have tried to make contact with the family but there is no response. If someone knows the family personally and have other ways of communicating with them, please contact me. Pierre
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    Is there anyone out there??? HTML NOT WORKIN G
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    Very sad news. He always had excellent raw coins that were affordable and was a true asset to the hobby. Deepest sympathy to his loved ones.
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