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    I was thinking about it too. So many nice markets have opened in Cape Town that I could use and a number I have used before. No commission to be paid,no posting fee no money in the bank which I have to withdraw and get charged for.I might be able to evade the taxman too. The best would be to not have to put up the lies and revenge from a buyer who hates me.
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    It might appear so at this stage, but not really. I am selling all my stock as I will be leaving bidorbuy. I know I am a small fish and they will not miss me, but if enough of us leave they might start to realize any increase should be made over time and not from 4% to 10% PLUS shipping fees for what they have done nothing for, overnight.
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    I was just thinking we are all a lot of sheep having the wool pulled over our eyes.
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    Here is a project I have been working on for some time. I have created a more comprehensive guide on South African Banknotes issued by the South African Reserve bank from 1921 to date. I have tried, as far as possible to record dates and languages on all note series. The guide is rather big with 363 pages. Can be viewed or downloaded at: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1jd5kDBrVV1SAPOkylKPP_puI-TAmlZr- Hope some may find it useful.
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