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    Well said Seeds and All. Ditto for Neil. Greed is like a vacuum-cleaner sticking its hose up its own arse.
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    Totally true-the inevitable is happening and combined with weak economy and limited spending power of buyers its become tough with the new fees-BOB were warned about this when these fees were implemented but they took no notice-one only has to look at the crazy wed listings which was BOB biggest moneyspinner and u can see the listings are half what they used to be!!Only on month end wed do u have the listings up again-we sellers must cut somewhere to survive and thats on the listings as we cannot afford the new rates plus pay for enhancements etc.-this leads to fewer listings,fewer sellers and of course fewer buyers as the range of items available drops and the buyers serach elswhere. IF BOB had balls they would admit this has been a horror exercise and implement strategic decisons to reverse this trend,but im not holding my breath. Also there is no marketing of any sort to try and help sellers etc,no ideas at all-its just take ,take and take,with giving very little back. Many of us helped build this platform and its sad to see the demise of this once proud and vibrant e commerce site.... YES the extra fees and final order value fees helped short term but i am sure by now its evident that its not sustainable and although i am not privy to the figures i am sure the income has not increased for bob but in fact decreased in spite of the huge fees increase. neil
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    Vinyl Lady.....sadly I agree. For many of us it is the end of one selling era, but the start of another.
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    I have been following this thread since it started. All I can say is that bidorbuy has lost another seller. I am sure that there are many more that have left the site without saying a word. Nothing that sellers can say will make them change their minds, the only thing that might make a difference is if they lose sellers. On the other hand, thhat just might cause the site to shut down completely. Since the new fees, it just isn't worth my while to continue on this site.
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    Hi I am hoping I am doing something wrong, I am looking for some older gaming goods such as for example, PS1 games, old 3DFX video cards, etc. Now if I search for these items, I get close to 2 million results that match and I have no idea why this is. It almost seems as if it is searching for "ps" and "1" separately and returning results that contain either or searching for "ps1" in quotes also does not solve the issue, is there some other way to get past this? Thanks
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    Good Day. Putting aside the ludicrous rise in fees that I am sure is going to infuriate all of BoB's sellers and lose BoB many many sellers who bring in the money for them, clarification is required for a specific clause in the fee article; Final order value fee. The final order value fee is the fee adjustment that is charged to a seller account, calculated on the difference between the "Final order value" and the "Item sales value", multiplied by the lowest category success fee percentage, which is currently 5.75% excluding VAT. Examples: The item sales value is R1,000 for an item sold in the Music & Instruments category. Music & Instruments success fee is 5.75% of R1,000. Success fee = R57.50 + 14% VAT = R65.55 incl. VAT. The buyer makes a payment that totals R1,120. The 5.75% final order value fee is applied to R120 (the difference between the sales amount of R1,000 and the total amount paid of R1,120). Final order value fee = R6.90 + 14% VAT = R7.87 Total fees paid to bidorbuy on the final order amount of R1,120 = R65.55 + R7.87 = R73.42 incl. VAT Now, from how I read this (and I must wonder if this is very vague on purpose), is that the "difference between the "Final order value" and the "Item sales value" is actually the shipping cost for the order. In the above example, the item sale value is R1000 and the buyer has paid R1120, meaning the extra R120 is the cost of the shipping for the item. It is not very clear to be honest, but if the above assumption is correct, I assume again that the sellers will be able to include the "fee" that is charged on the shipping amount to their shipping expenses? Sellers may charge the cost of shipping according to BoB policy, and if the shipping fee is being taxed (which basically is what this is, a new tax, as if our government doesn't screw us enough with taxes already), that tax is part of the shipping expense. Or does BoB want us sellers to lose even more money by making a loss on the shipping because some of the shipping fee is now going to BoB's greedy coffers (this is on top of the huge extra amount we will already be losing with the luidicrous increase in fees). This is fast going to become unsutainable to the majority of BoB sellers who already operate on very low profit margins. But BoB needs to remember, if you put us out of business with ridiculous price increases, who do you think will follow us into bankruptcy? BoB themselves will follow. Without sellers BoB will vanish into the past. Very sad that the greed has come to this. I think it may be time for a tech-savvy member of the BoB community to program a competitor auction site for all us hard working sellers to come to when we can no longer sustain these inflated fees
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    Hello All. I am getting frustrated, due to time constraints, at the lack of precision when doing any type of search. For example, if I typed "Fitness watch" and thereafter I choose the lowest price option(or any other option), there are a few hundred unrelated items displayed on screen. Please, try to fix this issue or provide suggestions to overcome this problem. Thanks for a wonderful forum Beemaz.
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    quite clearly your costing is not up to whack ,commission is part of the package , you dont have to add it if you dont want to , thats up to you , i certainly will as would any other business , unless you like losing money .
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