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    Never mind it was like that for a couple of hours then worked again. It happened when I clicked on the link"Upload all"--I just got no response
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    I have seen the same thing since the upgrade in March. Buyers are able to rate or change ratings even a year after the purchase. It is locked on the order itself, but I suspect they are able to rate/change raing by using the email where they originally get a reminder from BoB to rate the purchases. If it is not that, then I don't know how they do it but they can do it since the new update. BoB must investigate and solve this as there is absolutely zero justification for a buyer to leave a negative rating a year after receiving the item. That will mean all sellers must offer lifetime guaratees on products regardless of how they are treated by buyers, or risk unjust negative ratings ages after the sale is completed. BoB please update us on how this is being done by buyers, and what you plan to do to fix this issue???
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    Quote "Buyer purchases item in December 2017, but places negative rating in October 2018 with the reason being that item was dead on arrival." How is this possible when we cannot rate after 3 months--Look at any item sold 3 or more months ago and the rating link is closed
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    Without checking I'd say false, but on the chance that it might be true let me throw in a guess. South - Africa, vs South Africa variety? Perhaps the 5S vs 5s? I've seen a change in size in the D on penny varieties, though I can't put my finger on which specific year. regards Robert
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