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  2. adriaanbreed

    Cant make payments via mastercatd

    We are trying to load a card that expires in 2024, but it wont allow to to set the right date. Can someone just sort this annoying issue out????
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  4. Pierre_Henri


    Try to upload a picture via the "new" BidorBuy format and you immediately looses 66% of the pixels - the pictures look like something from a horror movie. When BidorBuy changes over at the end of the year and cut off the current workable system for old time users, its going to be a blood bath. For my listings next year I am posting as much listings NOW, so that I can prevent the pictures to look like spooky nightmares then. (and that is just a fraction of the problems many of us have with the new format) My forecast is that in May or June next year, BidorBuy will realize the massive mistake they made and will change back to the workable system they have now. The new format is truly one horrible disaster for those trying to keep BoB alive - the SELLERS who stuck with them since way back when! Pierre
  5. Just received a bill of nearly R5000 from them for a single R103 parcel. Check your statements people - these guys are on a horrible downward spiral. The end is probably very near ...
  6. Dear Readers, Here are some more examples of Overstamped "PM" Mozambique Coins that Anthony Govender and others have kindly uploaded onto Facebook .Has anybody got others? Regards Geejay
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  8. Tash1626

    MarWar3257 - please blacklist immediately ....

    Good day Pierre_Henri Hope you are well. I have taken action with regards to your request on your ticket and I have also responded to the ticket accordingly. Thank you very much. Have a great day and be safe.
  9. This bidder is causing havoc .... MarWar3257 I have sent an email warning BoB - please note that. Thank you. Pierre Pierre_Henri32194 100.00% Positive Ratings Joined 10 Jun 2009 Cape Town
  10. ArxValdex


    It has nothing to do with being an "old fart" the reason why we are having major issues with the new layout The issue is Mobile Phones, there is not enough space to fit all features of a website as with using a desktop system browser Because Google decided the whole world is going to be using Mobile Phones only everybody had to adjust and re-code their websites to make them responsive Every single feature that is useful to sellers cannot be squeezed into the responsive design - they had to cut corners and squeeze everything else into the mess we have to deal with daily Take any website and zoom in to 200% and you will see all the features that you like disappear into oblivion - this is what a mobile phone is Considering Bid or Buy paid allot of money to re-design their website they are not just going to dump it and go back to what was However serious sellers (Business people) use their desktops for their business they do not use their cell phones, this causes problems and complaints but in the end there is no way to fix this although Bid or Buy has tried to accommodate as much as they can with our requests they will never be able to fix everything because the new layout is made for cell phones and not desktops and you cannot mix them both together and expect it to work perfectly We will manage though there are ways to make our trading easier and Bid or Buy has been very helpful for an entire year to help us all out which is something no other website would care to do for their users
  11. Little Miss Muffet

    Crazy Auctions search facility

    Yes there were a number of sales and small amounts as well. Stamps can be sent as registered mail that does not cost R100. I am sure Stamp sellers have regular buyers looking to buy certain stamps and convenient shipping methods I am also answering from a neutral point of view as I do not really deal in stamps but I found this post rather snooty
  12. All Music

    Crazy Auctions search facility

    Just to respond to you from a neutral point of view as I am not a stamp seller myself but at the time of me typing this there were 2704 orders of stamp sales on bidorbuy for the past week.
  13. RivAlv5775

    Crazy Auctions search facility

    I'm not sure if this is the place for it but I just want to say on behalf of the vast majority of people buying on bidorbuy, you know...the people just looking for random stuff at a good deal... To the stamp sellers out there, NOT A SINGLE HUMAN BEING WANTS YOUR STAMPS 😅 like you're just clogging the pages with all that and even for 50c ,still not going to buy ..imagine paying R100 in shipping for 10 stamps even
  14. Hi Everyone Please have a look at the YouTube for new content uploaded. Some interesting talks. Regards
  15. Top Seller systems needs a revamp. They are zero rated new users - not sure how they are even allowed to sell and landed up in the top spots.
  16. https://old.bidorbuy.co.za/user/4654739/GVC_Used_Goods
  17. Isn't it a coin to celebrate 100 years of an event? We all know there's no such thing as a 100 year old R5 coin.

    Coin of the day

    Good evening I finally came across mother and child coin. I must say it's a beauty. Took the loupe to it and it only gets better. Really tip my hat off to the designer.
  19. So how does this scam work? Two fake accounts created, one the seller, the other the buyer. What's the point? They not even shill bidding. Or are these fake sales being used to dupe ignorant victims? I've seen groups on social media sites with blatant scams promising thousands in cash with fake photos to boot. How people can be so gullible, it's just not funny. I think it's time to do a warning video and put it up on my channel....
  20. KNOMAB2061 Sold 5 of these sets Mandela coins and VicBla8122 sold this set that is a 100 years old … 2021 R5 coin 100 years
  21. bellemodel

    Suggestion Box

    Sounds like a tall order.
  22. bellemodel

    budgetdeals sa

    Who is the seller?
  23. Good day Little Miss Muffet Hope you are well. Thank you for confirming that the query has been resolved. Thank you very much. Have a great day and be safe.
  24. https://old.bidorbuy.co.za/user/4585808/HenPut9693 This buyer never pays and leaves a negative rating - we had to contact BOB to assist.
  25. TradeRouteAuctions

    Bid or buy is a scam please dont use this platform

    Great stuff
  26. Little Miss Muffet

    Bid or buy is a scam please dont use this platform

    Thank you for resolving this. Much appreciated
  27. jpmongie

    budgetdeals sa

    I have had the same issue with him. Got hello@bidorbuy.co.za involved only to be insulted by this man. Hopefully that can institute some kind of sanction against him.
  28. Little Miss Muffet

    How do add tags to my listing

    Thank you Morne for contacting me and resolving this issue. Much appreciated
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