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  2. TradeRouteAuctions


    True, this sometimes I let it go as write offs as writing back and forth is time consuming. The same happens when buyers conclude with shipping fee and pay and come to collect want a refund of shipping fee whereby we had to refund the whole shipping fee and we have paid fees on shipping.
  3. https://old.bidorbuy.co.za/user/4630320/tebtla1899
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  5. Can't wait to find out where the two copper pieces were found. No holes in them and importantly in the same area but not the same spot. What a wonderful numismatic detective story these Griquatown tokens are turning out to be, teasing us with steady bits of info through the years.
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  7. KenCasper

    Shipping Label

    What is it ? Are you asking if we want address labels or not ? Is it a yes or no answer ???? Maybe after 10 beers it will make sense to me !! But think I’ll stick to Amazon and Takealot , so simple
  8. KenCasper

    Shipping Label

    I also don’t understand what you want filled in next to Shipping Label when adding the shipping address ?? Is that a question ?? It says required and you can’t do anything further until you fill it in !! It makes no sense to me .
  9. TaLamia


    Ohhh I see. Oh dear, that is quite a difficult fee issue to deal with. Unfortunately I don't have advice on how to rectify or prevent it from happening.


    HI,NO.the issue is this buyer places order r200 no shipping added so bob deducts fees immediately buyer places order week later r200-plus adds shipping r100-bob takes fees on 200 and 100 shipping so all fees are now paid as due to bob HOWEVER THE BUYER decides to make one payment on 2nd order of R 500 as he does not want to do two payments on seperate orders-this after being asked in terms to do seperate payments but some buyers wil not read those as we all know when the R500 IS PAID ON THE R300 ORDER then the final order fee becomes another 200 over and bob takes fees on this r200 again where they have already taken the fees this have been ongoing for 2 years and i guarantee many sellers arenot even awareof this-the only way we as sellers can correct this is to ask finances to reverse the payemnts and allocate to the 2 orders as r200 and r300 then the fees stay correct and yes i can communicate and ask separate payments but it still happens and trying to get bob to reverse and re allocate is a mission as u first have to explain to staff of the problem as they are also mostly not aware of it,thats why i suck it up and bob makes thousands extra with duplicate fees from many orders that is what im referring to neil
  11. TaLamia


    Let me clarify, are you saying you are being charged duplicate shipping final order fees because buyers who combine multiple items are choosing a postage option with every item even though they only end up paying for one postage charge? If that is the case then that is a lack of communication issue. You would need to put that in your shipping and payments information tab and inform buyers that they need to change the postage to R0 when combining multiple items together leaving only one postage cost selected on one of the items. You need to express to buyers that you are charged a percentage on postage costs selected and that you cannot alter it on your side.


    JUST TO CLARIFY as some seem little confused as to free shipping i mentioned. I sell each promotional auction wed and weekends,i have many buyers thatbuy each auction from me i therefore accumulate orders for buyers and as stamps are small items mostly i can do three of 4 orders in one envelope at one postage SO THEREFORE i state pay shipping on one order and use the free shipping option on any other accumulated orders,not to save charges of do BOB in for fees but to make it practical for buyers to purchase cheaper items and save on postage by accumulating orders HOPE that explains what is meant by free shipping...and i sell mainly at r1 auctions so i cannot work shipping into my prices.... BOB and the sellers should rather worry about all the duplicate fees you sellers are not aware of since the final oorder fee came into effect-it costs me quite a few rand each month but to remedy it is not worth the effort i have explained this numerous times but many resellers who buy from me still are not aware of the duplicate fees that arise when multiple orders are paid on one order,this results in duplicate fees and bob is creaming lots die to this as it happens to me regularly and even today it cost me duplicate fees again,once buyer has paid its too much effort to get payment reversed and allocated to the different orders so we just suck it up and bob cannot or will not try and fix this after 2 years neil
  13. TaLamia

    Extending offers

    I don't quite understand the mechanic behind the extend offer function. For example: If I list 1 item on NR auction and I have 3 more of the same item, why shouldn't I be able to set the quantity of items I extend as offers after an auction's end to 3 so that offer ends when the quantity runs out as people accept them? Right now I can only offer 1 quantity so if I extend it to 5 people that's 4 that will be left annoyed as soon as the first person accepts. And then I can't even extend the offer to them again because the system won't let me. That's an annoying function. If there's a way to do it that I don't know please enlighten me BoB family?
  14. All Music


    Free shipping should really only be used as an incentive to get buyers to buy in bulk, or if it's a high priced item it can be absorbed into the cost. Inflating the price of a cheap to average priced item so that free shipping can be offered is something I am sure many buyers will see through.
  15. Tonight, for the so-called millionth time, I received a question about an item I am listing - the very same question I have been receiving from day one when BoB downgraded to a virtually unworkable system for SELLERS . The person was asking about info that was there - right in front of him - but with the new layout of BidorBuy - he cannot see it and does not realize that he must keep scroll right down to see the whole listing.. With the "new" totally unworkable version, the potential bidder, when scrolling down, stops at the crap Bob ads nonsense half way between the listing itself and the the real info the seller, like me, wants to show potential buyers. This is clearly a copy of the horrendous E-Bay version - but I cannot understand why BoB don not realize their massive mistake. Pierre_Henri31046 100.00% Positive Ratings
  16. Little Miss Muffet


    Why would Bob do that when they know they are profiting from it? Many sellers are probably unaware that it is costing them more if they offer free shipping to avoid the extra fee
  17. Seeds and All


    @Craig Just an idea... Maybe BoB could offer lower success fees to sellers as an incentive for offering free shipping. Surely that could stimulate turnover?
  18. https://old.bidorbuy.co.za/user/3777388/ThaDip2727
  19. TradeRouteAuctions

    Non Payment of orders

    I have seen it appear after 7 days.. I can use either new (or) old system at the moment.
  20. bellemodel

    Magazine: Scope 1983-07-08

  21. bellemodel

    Wanted: 3 x magazines (see description)

  22. bellemodel


  23. The following is what I get when I download a bulkload trade sample csv, something is not right. Any suggestions as to what might be going wrong?
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  25. Two Griqua Tokens were found this past weekend (23-25 July 2021) at a site mentioned in this thread. They were found at different locations in the Northern Cape and on two different days but on the same site. This is absolutely astonishing news for all interested in the truth about the Griqua coinage.

    Coin of the day

    Good day all It's as if someone told me, go to the store and buy something, you going to get the new R5 in your change! Regards Robert
  27. Adri M van Zyl


    I have had my fair share of sellers that would not deliver of simply ignore any problems. Recently i purchased a product from YY SHOP, and when finally having all in place to make it work, it had a glitch. This was a couple of weeks after receiving the item. I emailed YY SHOP and a lady by the name of Linda asked me to return the item (she arranged courier) She mailed me to inform me that the item was indeed faulty and she is sending me another one. Which i received this morning. With such service received, i urge shoppers to see if YY SHOP does not have what you are looking for, as they do deliver the same service as in a shop. Thankyou YY SHOP!!!
  28. TaLamia


    I do agree that when I noticed this new estimate calculation on the final listing page I also at first thought it would be immediately charged to my account which made me quickly go through my detailed account history to see if there were any charges. The estimate part of this feature needs to be stated clearly as to not alarm people when they list.
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