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  2. Shipping for a book to France: Small books by small packet air mail = R40.00 per 100g (up to 2Kg) & registration of R36.95 Books by parcel post = R222.30 rate per parcel +R18.35 per 100g An average book of +/- 1kg will cost about R400.00 Registered small packet is preferable as it is a secure service whilst parcel post has no special security & is extremely heavy duty and rough. Tracking of both parcels and registered by SAPO is shoddy and unreliable despite the high costs. SAPO customer service and response to enquiries is non-existent. Make sure you pay by PayPal to protect your purchase money. You might pay as the invoice suggests R60.00. I warrant that the seller will very quickly contact you if the thing is more than 100gms in weight.
  3. Sites free to list + with FVFs only: eBid -which is a joke delcampe - which is a first class site, not as crass as the listing fee magnate eBay and much better than the free to list BoB. A collectors site, so not much use for those hawking the day-to-day merchandise of contemporary life, The business of widened charges to control postage / shipping / storage villains is debatable These peddlers are resilient & obdurate with no shame or embarrassment in their machinations and avarice. They will simply add yet more to their spurious costs / charges. BoB never really policed them before. Probably encourage the blighters now.
  4. But the bugbear has been this new commission on postage and the amount above the order. I just could not make sense of why they would compromise the postage section to make it seem less appealing to buyers who have to pay a higher price. Then it came to me, that this was exactly their intention - to make the BUYER pay something toward the deal. The charge on postage is more likely to cover the bank charges now being shouldered by Bidorbuy I have decided to leave BOB and change my profession https://businesstech.co.za/news/lifestyle/233025/south-african-beggars-are-making-as-much-as-r1200-a-day-study/
  5. Thank you very much for these thoughts - you are quite right, and I do not know of another site that allows free listings of an unlimited number. We must not forget what we DO have and throw out the proverbial baby with the bathwater. Your comments got me to thinking - I could understand that bidorbuy felt they needed to increase their rates to be more on a par with sites of this nature all over the world (and even then, probably still cheaper...). But the bugbear has been this new commission on postage and the amount above the order. I just could not make sense of why they would compromise the postage section to make it seem less appealing to buyers who have to pay a higher price. Then it came to me, that this was exactly their intention - to make the BUYER pay something toward the deal. Up till now the buyers have been paying no commission to bidorbuy - the sellers pay everything. With this new system it would make sellers put up their postage prices to include room for the commission, and thereby create a system in which the buyers are now actually paying something for the privilege of finding their goods online. Most auctions all over the world operate like that - the seller pays a primary commission, but the buyer also has a commission to pay. From this point of view, the commission on postage becomes a lot more bearable - the postage rates simply have to be adjusted to accommodate it, and it becomes a fee the buyer has to pay for the privilege of thousands of items placed at their disposal on an international site. Not that I think it will be very attractive to some buyers necessarily, and may result in fewer sales. Perhaps sellers should indicate in their postal descriptions that there is an allocation to commission, so that it does not appear that they are trying to rip people off for a profit on postage.
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  7. Very fair comment, hence me saying "ludicrous". I was not aware that Hellopeter charges companies to reply. If that is true, it is sad, because it makes the case one-sided.
  8. No doubt I shall be extremely unpopular with my opinion but here it is anyway: Since as far back as I can remember there have been sellers on this site charging ludicrous amounts for postage (scroll through the old topics & this can be seen) – therefore this will now weed them out. Indeed, instead of now charging eg: R200 per item + R50 each additional, they can now up that amount, however buyers will soon cotton on to that and not buy from these sellers again. This is true too for the sellers who actually charge the correct amount – by all means up the amount by R5.00 or so, I’m sure BoB will know & understand the reason why….however doubling the amount will only cause the buyers to get very pissed off & do their shipping from somebody else. Some sellers too are saying that they can build up their own client database & skip the system entirely….I’m sure this has been going on for years though with some sellers so that is nothing new. Then too there have also been suggestions of cutting out any free listings (or making it a set limit) & charging for any ad over & above the suggested number – personally if this were to happen I would place one ad in each category or maybe just go on over to e-bay where they do that already. BoB is the only site where you can place either 1 ad or 10 000 ads and only pay when you sell an item….I think that is exceptional exposure. This too, hopefully, will help reduce some of the rubbish that is placed on BoB……scroll through some categories & you will see items for 50c, 75c etc – these prices really are not feasible at all. Honestly, even at a fleamarket sellers would not ask such ridiculous prices, but with a nice, high postage….. As for enhancement fees not been paid back when a snc is filed – surely there is nothing at all untoward about that? If BoB were an actual real store, placing your items in the display window instead of at the back of the store – must surely incur a fee, whether you sell that item or not? Even if item were bought & returned – who knows how many other people were attracted to items you are selling because of the one item in the display window? The decision to place your item in the display window is your own decision, it is not compulsory, after all. Am I personally happy with the price increase? Not at all, I’d far prefer it to be free….but that’s not how things work in the real world. Then too, I am sitting in UK & need to put international shipping costs on my items (& the shipping costs you see is what Royal Mail charges & not a cent more) & yet, I have had people who have been paying far less postage because they too are in the UK. But BoB is still taking an amount based on my international postage rates…..does this really concern me – no, because at the end of the day I will make up that amount on other items I sell. Yes, BoB is no longer that little mom & pop shop that it was a few years back but to say they don’t care about their sellers is not really true. When I moved over here they went out of their way to help me – emailing me constantly, helping me to find my way around as an international seller etc. Again, the increases they have implemented, are still far less than many other online auctions….& please direct me to any other online auction where you can place as many ads as you like free of charge. Remember, a lot of people here make a living on BoB – again, direct me to any other international platform where people can do this & still pay far less than 15% (& Gumtree, Junkmail etc doesn’t count) I do think people should have a good think about this & try to understand where BoB is coming from. And all this is my opinion only – as always.
  9. A thought just occured to me. Perhaps Zuma is crunching the numbers for Bid or Buy now that he has been kicked out of the Presidential Office and is telling them that if they steal our money wth extortionate rates, instead of earning it honestly, they will make ONE MILLION THREE HUNDRED FIVE THOUSAND, SIXTY MILLION AND SEVEN Rand
  10. In the past year, my enhancement fees have paid BoB over R85000 (1 March 2017 - 28 February 2018). That is not counting the success fees of R16560. I have had to rework the entire advertising budget due to these ludicrous fees now. I am also busy building my own website where I will sell the majority of (especially high value) items. I have now reduced my yearly budget for enhancement fees to R10000 per year from April 1st (and no BoB, this is not an April Fools joke). Assuming similar success fee quantities (which is being very generous as the lack of enhancements will result in far less actual sales and therefore far less success fees payable to BoB), my annual success fees will now be around R35000. Add the R10000 enhancement budget and subtract that R45000 from the R100000+ I paid to BoB in the past year in enhancements and success fees, and you find BoB making a loss year-on-year of R55000+. That is just from myself, a single seller, and not even close to any of the biggest sellers on BoB. Maybe if all of us actually work out like I have done above and show how much BoB will really be using, they will see their error in this matter. They are obviously unable to do the Math themselves, so let's do it for them and show them how much they really stand to lose. Does not need to be an exact fugure, just a basic calculation based on past fees paid and expected fees payable over the next year. I assume most of us will be cutting back on the enhancement fees, as that is the only place we can now cut budgets in order to compensate for the theft going on with these new fees.
  11. Fraudulent sellers

    What role does BOB play in blocking sellers who are being deceitful? I recently purchased an APPLE MacBook Air and paid. The seller took a week to inform he had sold the item on a different platform as he did not agree with BOB. is a seller like this allowed to continue to sell? I have seen a number of auctions where the item suddenly disappears from the auction because the price was low. When I queried why the seller said he made a mistake in the description and had withdrawn the item. This seems to be a way for sellers to be devious. What protection can i as a buyer get from BOB? they say they will return my money but sometimes I expect more than this. I would like this seller sanctioned and prevented from being able to put items on auction again.
  12. I suggest u send a question to the seller if he ships internationally and then if he does he can quote u on the shipping cost,as it will be per weight and it goes up per 100 gr at a time,so the seller will be able to give u the shipping cost,provided he ships international. neil
  13. As far as I know Hellopeter charges companies to reply to a complaint.What I find disturbing is that complaints by buyers re an order is always referred to as "Do not buy on Bidorbuy".The complaint should be against the seller or buyer not Bidorbuy as a whole because that includes all users.
  14. We have been saying this on the thread since it started-They may be making a few extra rands now but extremely shortsighted and not researched ,as sales will drop and their income will decrease and NOT INCREASE-i have already cut my promotional listings and enhancements to offset the average 70 % increase in fees i am paying,and this means less sales for me as well on bob, but will I make it up elsewhere as one must ,so they are chasing us to other sites. The sad part is they will only see this when its too late,many sellers and buyers gone and decreased income for BOB and sellers. The sale they are chasing wont happen ......SO RATHER LOOK AFTER YOUR SELLERS AND GET BOB BACK TO ITS ETHICAL TRADING PRACTISES AND BE HAPPY WITH A FAIR AND EQUITABLE INCOME!!
  15. Sellers have to buy boxes , paper , tape , printing paper for shipping labels , ink for printers , and bubble wrap plastic etc SAPO , POSTNET charges according to size of box and weight . Now Bid or buy is also charging sellers for a service on shipping they do not provide. If they want to charge they must start their own shipping company. Sellers will have to keep all the above in mind . Bid or Buy success fee almost doubled 1 March 2018 plus this charge on shipping. If Bid or Buy does not reconsider. Sellers will have to increase selling prices and shipping cost which will most probably result into less sales.
  16. Hi, This is the first time I use bid or buy because I want to buy a book I can't find anywhere else for a reasonable price. In "shipping & payment" it is written that the shipping method is "SA Post Office Registered Mail" and the shipping details are "R60.00 for the first item". I live in France and I'm used to buy things from the US and the UK on other websites. Usually when I write that I'm from France in the shipping informations the shipping price change to a higher price and I can choose different shipping options. But when I try to buy this book from bidorbuy even if I try with different countries, the shipping price is always R60.00. How do I know how much it will really cost ? Anyone knows approximately how much the shipping would cost ?
  17. Excessive shipping fees?

    To be honest, as a buyer, NEVER have i received a professionally packed product (bought boxes etc.) It is always recycled boxes with newspaper and handwritten address or computer printed on a piece of paper and pasted onto the package. However, i have never had damage. So not everybody uses bought packaging. Thanks for them for recycling!!! But charging x2 for delivery, that is crazy. I have decided against many purchases purely because of extremely high delivery fees. Not every item is on bidding, and i understand if prices ends low, a seller can loose, but surely it is a gamble to sell on such a site, which is not a surprise for sellers?? Rather leave BoB if they are killing sellers with their excessive fees. Soon buyers will follow. And somebody will grab the customers to a new selling site, i am sure.
  18. Excessive shipping fees?

    Sellers have to buy boxes , paper , tape , printing paper for shipping labels , ink for printers , and bubble wrap plastic . SAPO , POSTNET charges according to size of box and weight . Now Bid or buy is also charging sellers Sellers will have to keep all the above in mind . At times items are sold at less than cost price ( auctions ) and now also have to pay in on shipping costs Is this viable . Bid or Buy success fee almost doubled 1 March 2018 plus this charge on shipping. If Bid or Buy does not reconsider. Sellers will have to increase selling prices and shipping cost which will most probably result into less sales.
  19. Vintage Laptop

    I am looking for a Pentium 2 to Pentium 4 era laptop (early to mid-2000s) - basically something that can comfortably run Windows 98 and Windows 2000. Needs to be in good condition.
  20. To whichever ear would turn a listen. Over the years I have never doubted Bidorbuy, I have met some wonderful people here and have had grand service. With this unhappiness floating around, I went to see what was happening on Hellopeter regarding Bidorbuy. The current rating is 1.98/5. Bidorbuy has answered none of the complaints publicly filed against them, however ludicrous some of them are. That is almost, but not quite, a 40% rating. Bidorbuy has not responded to any of these complaints. https://www.hellopeter.com/bidorbuy We as sellers and buyers, are part of this and seen as such, despite the positive spin-marketing. This small rant begs the question whether the petition would be of any good. Dwindling regards Jan.
  21. This final order value fee is extortion. I had a sale that was unsuccessful because the buyer couldn't pay for the order and I lost R100 + R48 in fees for a sale that didn't even happen! I hate you bidorbuy!

    That is very worrying. I am about to purchase a R 23000.00 PC but it seems if seller chooses to disappear if I'm lucky I will get R 2000.00 back. Thanks for bringing this up. Obviously I will never purchase this PC from BOB
  23. I agree...bidorbuy have become greedy...
  24. You are strangling the goose! I do accept a fee charge for the goods price but the shipping costs is not part of the BoB system.
  25. Dear Bidorbuy As a small seller on your platform, I am dismayed at the latest turn of events. Perhaps you have a logic that would be beyond my capacity or understanding, but a simple truth stands out to me: In this fast world we now live in, if you blink an eye, something has died or become obsolete. I would be saddened if this happened to our trading platform for obvious reasons, but I can find no other explanation than modern greed, and the blatant disregard for much intelligent opinion offered here. I also understand that "loyalty" and "integrity" have become catch-words in modern society, and that this is not a democracy you run. Were it so, I suspect you would be relegated to the ranks of the unemployed by the sellers you offer dried carrots as reward. Small as my contribution has been to this platform, I have loved it and respected it and have never cheated the system. Some of us sellers struggle to get stock in an increasingly difficult economy and market with competition rife at every turn. Your placing this extra burden on us and the buyers in turn, bodes darkly for your future. I have not written this as an appeal to you, rather as a reasonable "my voice was also heard". With regard Jan Nezar.
  26. Last week
  27. I bought allot of games from a company here on bodorbuy (i dont want to give his name yet) a few months back, i even have all his emails and bank statements etc. I called him lots of times his phone is off most of the time but i got him today and when i mentioned who i was he literally put down the phone in my ear, so i guess he stole my money. I cannot rate him because for some reason it says i didn't buy the items. I'm not good with how these internet purchases work and i guess i did it incorrectly as he gave me his bank number. (Strange thing though is that I have done it before with him so yea...) So he does deliver but for some reason he decided not to deliver my games. I just want him to let me know if he'll ever deliver and if he does that'll be great...but yea lesson learned.
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